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What Is A Market Development Agreement

2.2 Canada will continue to be responsible for the provision of insurance services under Part I of the Employment Insurance Act and for aspects of labour market development that reflect national interests, such as . B response to national emergencies, measures to support mobility between provinces, promotion and support of national sectoral councils, implementation of national labour market information and national labour exchange systems. other labour market programs and support for labour market research and innovative projects to develop new approaches to improve the functioning of the labour market in Canada. 3.1 Ontario`s single window system will serve all unemployed clients, from low-skilled individuals who have never made a successful transition to the labour market or from high-skilled individuals who have long-standing ties to the labour market but are on the verge of adapting. 5.2 Canada and Ontario agree to enter into a separate Service Level Agreement that sets out information, system and security sharing requirements. 13.4 The details of the vacancies described in sections 13.1 and 13.2 are summarized in a Personnel Transfer Agreement (ETA) entered into by the Parties no later than 31 March 2006 and annexed as Annex 7. For greater bidding, additional agreements may also be required under other federal legislation, such as the Public Service Superannuance Insurance Act. The main measures that Ontario would take to ensure access to social assistance recipients (Ontario Works) who are eligible for benefits and measures funded under this Agreement would be: 6.1. Canada and Ontario agree to create an integrated set of programs and services that, where feasibty and cost-effective, provide an integrated approach to the delivery of programs and services as defined in Annex 3. of this Agreement.

In the case of Ontario, these programs and services include Ontario`s benefits and policies, as well as other Ontario labour market development programs and services offered by the Ministry of Community and Social Services. In the case of Canada, these programs are labour market development programs that do not fall under Part II of the Employment Insurance Act. While Ontario is building a one-stop training and employment system focused on results for Ontarians; 3.2 Ontario`s service offerings are tailored to the client`s needs, whether they are intensive and incremental interventions to improve a client`s employability with multiple barriers to self-service options and/or short ready-to-work interventions. .