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Uc Davis Articulation Agreement

Links to online catalogs, transfer information, articulation agreements, and articulation-related resources. Detailed agreements for the articulation of the campus are available on the ASSISTANCE website. Welcome to the UC Davis Majors Guide where you will find all our majors, the respective articulation, the main preparation and the changes identified in the CA Community College program. The UC Davis Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) is a written agreement that guarantees admission to UC Davis in a major subject given by a California Community College (CCC). Identify Community College California courses that convey or meet admission, education, or major specialty requirements with the UC Davis Majors Guide or the Support Site, the official articulation database for California`s public colleges and universities. Check out our AP or IB exam charts to find out if your scores are as follows: Please note that the transfer equivalency decisions for non-California Community College (CCC) courses listed in the Transfer Equivalency Report should not be confused with the CCC articulation agreements that the President`s Office negotiates with all system-wide decisions. Transfer Equivalence (TE) decisions are campus decisions made by faculty experts in the field of study. These decisions allow students to use other university and university courses as equivalent courses for UCD graduation purposes. All official CCC articulation decisions are available on ASSIST.org and are managed for our campus by the Undergraduate Office of Admissions. To be well prepared, it is highly recommended that students meet all course requirements in lower divisions for their core subject, as shown on the support site.

To achieve a demanding DAY, students who have attended colleges or universities other than a CCC must have a total of less than 80 transferable semester units from the UC (120 transferable shift units) after applying restrictions and exclusions of UC units from the lower division. For more information, please contact a UC Davis advisor. If you plan to apply for a TAG, please also follow the UC Davis TAG criteria….