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Suny Cross Registration Agreement

Students at the University at Albany are not allowed to enroll in summer semesters, winter semesters, and mini-semesters, unless the class(es) they wish to enroll in help them complete their degree for the semester/semester they cross paths with (summer, winter, and mini). What are the fees for cross-registration transactions? The reciprocal registration authorization process is a requirement of the consortium. Students may not use the consortium if cross-registration is not allowed, unless the transaction is one of the exceptions listed in the memorandum to the Presidents. Example: A business management student at Farmingdale State College is enrolled in 9 credits at Farmingdale and enrolls at SUNY Old Westbury for a 3-credit course. In this example, Farmingdale is the original campus and SUNY Old Westbury is the host campus. Applications for the Spring and Summer 2021 sessions can be opened on 3 December 2020. Registration for spring and summer 2021 will begin on December 14, 2020. To avoid any delays in course registration, please endeavor to have your application approved prior to the opening of registration. NOTE: Courses may be offered online due to COVID-19.

All cross-registration permissions must be met prior to registration. The student secretariat can be reached at 934-420-2776 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. if you need to speak to a representative. 18. Registration is the responsibility of the student. Once you have submitted a cross-registration application on the SUNY online application, please continue to check your email for updates, messages, additional requirements, etc. If you have technical problems with the cross-registration application or if an error occurs in the application, please open a help ticket to the Open SUNY Help Desk. 3. Credits purchased by cross-registration are recorded on the University at Albany transcript with a cross-registration course and the corresponding number of credits that have been tried and earned.

Letters obtained through cross-registration with participating institutions are translated into an S or U grade (satisfactory or unsatisfactory) and published at the University at Albany Transcript. Grade S is defined as equivalent to Grade C or higher and is acceptable to meet, where applicable, the closure requirements. Grade U (C or lower) is unsatisfactory and cannot be accepted to meet the closure requirements. In addition, cross-courses are not part of the requirements of universities, primary or secondary subjects. The student must still meet the AU residency requirements to graduate. The registration of this agreement is recorded in the student`s academic record. After the end of the semester, the host campus invites a graduation certificate with all the graduation grades to the SUNY cross registration request. By submitting an application for registration to SUNY Cross, the student agrees to give Stony Brook University and the participating SUNY Campus permission to exchange personal and academic information to fulfill that request….