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Guarantor Agreement For Rental Property

I signed a year ago to be the guarantor of my daughter and her partner, and I just learned that my daughter came out of the lease and that her partner signed a New Year`s lease on her own when the year was over and a new contract was to be signed. I have not seen the new agreement or signed new documents, so that means I am no longer the guarantor, since I have not seen the new papers or shields, so I have no idea what I would agree. Please, could you tell me what I should do? do I have to write to the agent who entered into the new agreement to get it in writing? The implementation of a warranty contract is required by many owners, as it offers a thick layer of security for homeowners at no real additional cost. Hello. We have been living with us for 8 months and the owner has just given us a new one-year contract. But he gave us some kind of guarantee to send him back. Do we need that, since we have already lived there 8 months and all the cheques have passed, etc. as the first contract by rental agents and we are both in our thirties and we earn a lot. Thank you, I am a guarantor and I would like you to answer a question for me. The landlord may be money from my account for the tenant without consent and any warning I signed to be the guarantor back in October 2012 for a period of 6 months, so in April 2014, I think the contract was terminated. However, the tenant went to a monthly agreement with the landlord, who then sells the property, the new landlord has now asked me to say that I am guarantor and asks for rent arrears from me. I have stated that I am no longer the guarantor, but he does not know and continues to ask for payment of impending legal proceedings. I didn`t get the contract, but I was able to get a copy from the tenant, but he didn`t have the warranty agreement.

The contract started as the deadline was 6 months until April 2014 and the agent confirmed orally that I would only be required to guarantee for those 6 months. I found that at the end of this period, I had no correspondence from the broker or owner informing me of the termination, or that the contract had been renewed, nor was I informed of the change of ownership. What is my position on that? I saved the tenant several times as an act of kindness because he is my son, but my circumstances have changed and I am no longer full time and I am no longer able to save him. Hello, sew someone to confirm, a rushor may be responsible for the sum in rent arrears, if theant does not pay the rent. The surety is not a party to the lease, my lawyer thinks that I have no reason to take legal action against him and that the letter of guarantee he signed is worthless because he did not sign the lease. Does anyone have a similar problem to me? the tenants owe me 8000 euros in rent arrears, I`ll make your bailff appointment to evict them, but they`re students, so it`s unlikely I`ll get a little cent back. Hence my decision to sue the Gurantor as much as possible. Should the guarantor live in Britain? I am looking for a house to rent and I would like to ask my brother to be my guarantor, but he lives in Ireland.

It`s possible? If the agreement cannot be signed in the presence of the lessor or its representative, it can be signed in the presence of a notary or an Eid commissioner. Owners will generally want a guarantor living in the UK, as it will be easier for them to take legal action against a UK resident if they need it. A deposit, also called a sponsor or co-signer, guarantees the tenant in case of default. A guarantor could be anyone willing to assume these financial obligations – a family member, friend or even business partner. A company that provides housing for its employees can also act as a guarantor.