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Viber End User Agreement

Licensing agreements – end-user licensing agreements or DEEE agreements – are required when users download or install a mobile application, because the application is copyrighted and only a license can be transmitted to the user. Not surprisingly, the user`s license may contain restrictions. B, for example, a ban on a user of the app trying to reshape the app or resell the app. These general terms of sale of advertisers (the „Conditions“) are concluded below with the corresponding entry order („IO“) and constitute a binding agreement between Viber Media LLP and its subsidiaries and associated subsidiaries („Viber“) and the party that executes the IO („You“ or „The Customer“) (together the „parties“). By signing and submitting an I/A, you agree to be bound by these conditions. When the user taps on the „licensing agreement,“ he is required to a version of the Vimeo license agreement already integrated into the App Store: If you create digital stickers on our service, they must comply with our content policies and must not contain, imply or promote content related to adults or adults; Alcoholic beverages; Tobacco or tobacco products Weapons and other dangerous products or services; The content of gambling, betting and lotteries; or illicit or content products, services or activities that are not suitable for minors or whose publication requires the minimum „age limit“ or restrictions or restrictions imposed by other regulatory authorities, in accordance with applicable international or local laws, regulations and regulations. You will find additional instructions in our policies for the content of the ad at www.viber.com/en/terms/viber-advertising-policy/. This is the contract that works between the user of the mobile application and the application provider (software developer) to distribute a license to the user of the application. Here is a detailed example of a detailed „Use Restrictions“ section of the Vimeo EULA agreement: If you give users at the other end of the spectrum access to a web service or mobile access point such as Dropbox, you will not need a licensing agreement, but a user contract. This is because you don`t license users, (a) U.S.

citizens: to the widest possible extent permitted by law, with the exception of disputes relating to Viber`s intellectual property rights and certain legal claims that are not established by law, disputes of any kind between you and Viber arising from these conditions will be resolved through a mandatory arbitration procedure in accordance with the JAMS-Streamline arbitration rule and individual basic procedures.