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True Up Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

30 days earlier: The Microsoft team will contact you with a true-up order that will reflect changes to your EA. If you have completed your true-up after this date, Microsoft will not allow subscription discounts. They will simply charge you automatically based on what your bill was the previous year. If you owe them more, Microsoft will never say no to more money, but no reduction is possible at this point. You should take into account any increase in qualified desktops, qualified users, Enterprise User SL online services and/or additional online products/services that have been run since the last anniversary. According to Microsoft, all devices contained in EA must be inventoried in the annual true-up process, including all servers, computers (desktops, laptops and devices) and mobile devices using software licensed from the Microsoft product list. The agreement also offers flexibility. Instead of sanding the growth of your business every time you need to buy new licenses, just add all the changes to your tech landscape to your tab, so to speak, and your true-up is then tailored to take into account all the software you used last year. (iii) online services. For online services that have been classified in product systems as eligible, the registered affiliate may place a reservation order for additional licenses before using it. (Ref: Enterprise Enrollment 2017) 90 days in advance: You can expect to hear about your next true-up from your dealer or Microsoft account team. You`re asking for an update on the number of software licenses you`ve added to your software architecture. Online services are only slightly more difficult to understand than additional products.

Depending on your EA, online services offer you the ability to defer payment of your monthly fee to the point where you installed the product. If you only serve it three months after the approach of the true-up, then you only pay for those three months and you will only see an invoice on the anniversary if you have a reservation. Customers who run Microsoft EA should be aware that the agreement contains well-defined processes for adding new products to the agreement. You can add products for products that have not been ordered before, or you can add incremental use for previously ordered products via the annual „true-up“ process: ` Recent agreements often contain another language. Many of Microsoft`s latest form records contain a language in which licensed products must be truated based on the „maximum“ levels of usage since the previous order. Under these conditions, Microsoft may have more influence to force a faster purchase. (Even with this language, the company doesn`t have the ability to „preserve down“ before the next order, but it may be able to postpone this order until the next true-up.) The EA is a licensing option for large companies with at least 250 desktop computers or users they wish to license for a period of three years. An EA is not suitable for everyone, but it has very good value for companies that want cloud services and software licenses as part of an agreement.

(ii) Additional products. For additional products previously ordered as part of this registration, the Registered Affiliate must determine the maximum number of additional products used since the last order, last true-up order or the previous anniversary and submit a true-up order that allows for an increase (ii) Add licenses for previously ordered products. Additional licenses for previously ordered products that are not online services can be added at any time, but must be included in the next True-Up order. Additional licenses for online services must be ordered before use, unless online services (1) are considered eligible under product terms as true-up or (2) included in other licenses