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State Of Florida Section 218 Agreement

Pub. L. 89-97, Title III, No. 338, July 30, 1965, 79 Stat. 409 , provided that: „Notwithstanding the provisions of section 218 of the Social Security Act [42 U.C.C 418], agreements with the states of North Dakota and Iowa under this section may be amended, at the state`s choice, to exclude services provided in each civilian district at the school. , who is enrolled and regularly attends such a school, university or university, and if the fee for that service is less than $50. Any amendment to any of these agreements under this Act is valid for services provided after an effective date mentioned in this amendment, except that this date cannot be set before the effective date of this Act [July 30, 1965]. That`s not the case. (p) Pub. L. 85-226, No. 2, included agreements with the states of Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, New York and Tennessee or the territory of Hawaii. E) A person who is in a pension plan that is applicable to paragraph C and is not a member of that plan, but who has the right to become a member of that plan, is considered a member of that plan for the purposes of this subsection (except paragraph 8) of that subsection, except that in the case of a pension plan , its division or part of it falls within the agreement (either in the original agreement or an amendment to this agreement) whose registration was agreed before 1960, the previous provisions of this paragraph apply only if the State makes the request and such a person, referred to in these provisions, if the State makes the request , is treated on the same basis after the distribution of the pension plan covered in point C, as are those in the positions covered by point F).

For the purposes of this paragraph, a person who is in a position to which the state agreement has already been applied or who is excluded by paragraph 5 or paragraph 5 of this subsection is not considered a member of the pension plan. (F) In the case of an age-affiliated pension plan, subdivided in accordance with point C), the position of a member of the department or a party composed of positions of members who do not wish to benefit from coverage may be transferred to the separate pension plan composed of member positions that wish to benefit from such coverage if it is provided for by an amendment to this agreement which : , or, by other means, to the Commissioner of Social Security before 1970 or, later, at the expiration of two years after the date on which such an agreement or its amendment making the agreement applicable to such a pension scheme separate, if, prior to that amendment or subsequent amendment, the person occupying such a position may be, , a written request for transfer to the State. Notwithstanding subsection (1), any subsequent changes or changes to the transfer of additional positions within a pension plan that were previously subdivided under Point C above are valid for services provided after the same effective date, as was established in the case of such a previous division.