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Sofa Agreement Between Us And Italy

Those who obtain employment in the Italian economy as ordinary residents are not entitled to „sofa-protected“ privileges, including purchases at the post office and police station, mailing through the military post office system, driving SETAF-registered vehicles and purchasing gas vouchers. They are also responsible for all additional expenses incurred by the usual Italian residents, such as payment. B of the Italian personal income tax and the payment into the Italian social security system. Activities such as baking cakes or dyeing hair would not be considered a „profitable business“ as long as a refund is limited to the cost of supply. However, it is important to note that any „donations“ or other payments for your time, work or expertise will be considered a gain and would require a valid Italian work visa and a valid authorization. Before you accept this job in the economy or start your own business, you should know that this may be illegal in Italy. If you win from work done in Italy throughout your life, Italian law requires you to have a valid work visa and authorization. In addition, the use of the U.S. post office for home-based businesses is not permitted. Those who opt for an Italian work visa and an authorization declare to the Italian government that you wish to be considered an ordinary resident of Italy.

You cannot have normal and SOFA-protected resident status at the same time. The U.S. military, civilian government employees, contractors and their members in Italy live there under the NATO Agreement on the Status of the Armed Forces (SOFA). U.S. military does not need a passport or visa on orders to enter and stay in Italy. VICENZA, Italy – You are now living in Italy and looking for ways to earn money and keep your professional skills. If you are sponsored by orders and you are on your service member`s orders, you will find yourself here under „SOFA Safe Status.“ Therefore, you must follow the above instructions to become an ordinary resident and give up „sofa-protected“ status. However, working as an ordinary resident may disqualify a person from future U.S. government jobs in Italy. For more information or specific advice, please contact Vicenza`s mutual legal aid office in Caserma Ederle Building 166. Or call DSN 637-8834, Comm.

0444-61-8834. Unfortunately, SOFA`s employment restrictions apply to both Italian and U.S. companies. Thus, if you generate a profit by working during your stay in Italy, even on your computer for a company based in the United States, Italian law requires that you have a valid work visa and a valid authorization. However, U.S. government civilian personnel and all dependents who are not EU citizens must obtain a mission visa and a Soggiorno authorization. The Italian government gives these documents to persons who are here exclusively for the purpose of the American military mission and who therefore have the status of „SOFA-protection“. Below are some questions and answers about the work here. To be employed in Italy by someone other than U.S. forces (including GS, NAF and government-mandated positions), an Italian work visa and a work permit are required. This applies to both Italian and American companies.