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Control Agreements Banking

An admission by the custodian bank that DACA must certify the lender`s „control“; A statement from the deposit-making bank that the accounts concerned are „deposit accounts“; An agreement by the deposit-taking bank not to change the name or number of the deposit account without the lender`s written consent; An agreement between the deposit bank and the borrower to notify the lender before the closing of the deposit accounts and allow the lender to adopt a new DACA for all deposit accounts in which the borrower could defer cash security; and – An agreement of the deposit bank to subordinate all the pledge fees it has to the account and waive its right of clearing on the deposit account, with the exception of the amount of deposits credited to the account that are not repaid and the ordinary service charges charged by the deposit bank. First, there are two types of account control agreements: assets and liabilities. A security interest in accounts can be perfected by taking control of the account. Almost all of the borrower`s accounts will be with your bank – you have control of it, and nothing else can be needed for perfection. Article 9 of the Single Code of Trade (UCC) defines a deposit account as a claim, time, savings, passport or similar account held in a bank. Unlike most types of guarantees, filing a UCC-1 financing return is not a perfect pledge to an account account. A lender can only perfect a pledge right to an account by obtaining „control“ over the account. Negotiating control agreements is a laborious task. If you need an Account Management Agreement (DACA), you are faced with a number of questions and reflections. What are my deposit account options? Will the deposit account be monitored and paid as agreed in the documents? For the reciprocity account, you will need an authenticated registration, as indicated by the UCC. This can be done through an account-keeping agreement. The agreement gives you the lender „control“ over the account and your security interest is perfect.