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Contingent Agreement Deutsch

The provisions of the imprevization agreements depend on the nature of the contract, the laws of the state and the interests of the contracting parties. Treaties should describe contingencies as clearly as possible. For example, an agreement on the unexpected — most often in human infringement actions — indicates that legal fees are 30 percent of the money recovered, or 33 percent after all costs of the case have been paid. The supply of digital items depends on a valid licensing agreement from PMG Presse-Monitor GmbH . This volume deals with current and basic topics of German, Austrian and Swiss capital market law. Die Bundesnetzagentur erkennt das VDSL-Kontingentmodell der Telekom Deutschland GmbH an. This agreement is an extension of existing cooperation under the VDSL quota model and the agreement between the two companies to link Telefénica`s mobile phone sites to Telekom Fiber. Emergency clauses are often used in real estate transactions in which an offer to buy a home may depend on respect for something. After Telekom Deutschland GmbH changed its VDSL quota model, including the inclusion of a special right of termination when using other new infrastructures (NGA), the Federal Network Agency confirmed, after an agreement with the European Commission, the admissibility of this pricing model. Die Registrierung steht unter dem Zwischenstand zwischen MF Round e.V. und der jeweiligen Partie, gem-ihren Allgemeinen Gesch-ftSbedingungen im Bereich der ausgehandelten Contingente und freien Kapazit-ten. Contingency agreements protect your interests and can help you make good decisions without taking high risks. These contracts provide flexibility and can give individuals the confidence to make decisions they could normally avoid.

For example, a person may decide not to pursue legitimate litigation, whether, win or lose, he will have to pay the lawyer who represents him. In return, an agreement on unforeseen costs allows the lawyer to earn income and allows him to refuse cases that will likely end in losses. Read more: Contingency Employment Agreement The conclusion of the shareholders` agreement and the share purchase agreement also depended on Deutsche Telekom`s acquisition of an additional 2 per cent of the market`s OTE shares, completed on 17 July 2008 for a total amount of EUR 0.1 billion. The following examples are everyday agreements that can occur in the workplace: among the topics discussed are corporate governance codes, actions to overturn general meeting decisions that act jointly within the framework of the right to acquire, shareholder agreements and flexible financial instruments such as contingent converts. There are agreements with a number of Eastern European governments that set certain quotas of workers for different industrial sectors. A quota agreement can also be seen as a protection against any future changes to the plans. [2] Quota agreements can also result in an effective agreement if each party has different temporal preferences. For example, one party may want immediate payments, while the other party may be interested in longer-term payments.

[1] In addition, emergency contracts can foster an agreement in negotiations with firm expectations for the future. [2] To be most effective, quota contracts must have some of the following characteristics: An emergency agreement is any contract that depends on one or more events that may or may not take place.